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Germaine Collins

Germaine Collins

Winter 2017

The Bay at Nu-Roc is delighted to announce that Germaine Collins has been named the latest Resident of the Season.

Germaine celebrates her birthday on February 15th. She was the third child born to Ernest and Lillian (Hanneman) Krause. The family moved around some but always lived in Northern Wisconsin. In her late teens Germaine got a job as a housekeeper in the Wabeno area, and that has been ‘home’ ever since. It was in Wabeno that Germaine met her husband, Tytus. Together they had 3 children; Cheri, Teri, and Woody. That family has grown to include grandchildren Dallas and Nyssa, Travis and Melanie, and great-grandchildren Lucas, Braxton, and Elias.

Germaine has always been a ‘go-getter’ and can do anything she sets her mind to. She learned to upholster furniture and for awhile, even had her own upholstering business. For fun, Germaine liked to be outdoors. She continues to enjoy birds, wildlife, and the changing seasons. She loved being out in the country, and even now, one of her favorite things about living at Nu-Roc is being in the country setting. Germaine and her grandson, Travis, were trout fishing buddies until she was well into her 80’s. In addition to knitting, wood carving, and canning; Germaine dabbled in art, teaching herself oil painting.

On nice days, Germaine can be found walking the grounds at Nu-Roc. She likes parties, bingo, and the many visits and outings with her family. Germaine has an infectious laugh, a fun loving spirit, and is very, very young at heart. The entire staff at The Bay at Nu-Roc congratulates her on this honor.

Ann Kramer

Ann Kramer

Fall 2017

The Bay at Nu-Roc is very happy to announce that Ann Kramer has been selected as the current Resident of the Season.

Ann is a true “Laona Girl”, having spent her whole life in the area. She was born into the Bradle family; the 2nd youngest of 9 children. Ann was the Valedectorian of her high school class, and she graduated a year early. She married Wilmer “Butch” Kramer and feels fortunate to have been able to spend 55 years as his wife. Butch and Ann raised 2 children, Mary and Kevin. Ann loves her grandchildren and is now welcoming great-grandchildren into the family.

Ann has always been a very hard worker; she spent 40 years working in the office at Connor’s Store. After retiring she spent 15 years working in the kitchen for the Laona School District. Every May 1st, she would make May Baskets to bring to school with her. Ann is a people person, she loves to be around others and has always liked offering a helping hand.

Ann’s family says that she is a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother. One of her favorite traditions was making stockings full of goodies for her grandchildren to celebrate St. Nick’s night.

Her Catholic faith is very important to Ann; she was actively involved in the Ladies’ Group at St. Leonard’s church. Ann loved being a homemaker and enjoyed cooking, sewing, picking berries, and canning the vegetables from her big garden. While living at Nu-Roc, Ann spends much time with her many friends. On nice days, she likes to be outside on the deck visiting. She loves bingo, and has become the official assistant, passing out cards and chips and cleaning up afterwards. She likes to look nice and always takes time with her clothes and appearance.

The staff, administration, and other residents of Nu-Roc enjoy Ann’s company and are proud to award her this honor.

Grace Phillips

Grace Phillips

Summer 2017

The Bay at Nu-Roc is happy to announce that Grace Phillips has been selected as the newest “Resident of the Season”.

Grace is the only daughter born to her parents’; she had 4 brothers. She graduated from Marinette High School. It was in Marinette, at church, that she met her future husband, Delbert. Delbert had a job working in the Laona area so that’s where the newlywed’s made their home. Grace actually worked at Nu-Roc for a few years, in the dietary department. She also drove school bus for the Laona School District for many years.

Grace and Delbert were able to celebrate 65 years of marriage and were blessed with 4 children. That family has grown to include 13 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren, and 1 great, great grandchild. This large family gives Grace much pleasure, she is very proud of them.

Keeping busy has never been a problem for Grace. She has many interests and a natural curiosity. She always had a beautiful vegetable garden and loved the many flowers she grew. She occasionally still gets bouquets of flowers picked from her yard. Grace was an excellent cook, and she enjoyed doing it. She liked to play cards and was an avid swimmer. She spent time bowling and was always eager to go camping. Needle work and reading were always favorite past times. Grace was a very involved ‘band mother’ while her children were in school, and was a member of the church choir and women’s group. Grace remains very active and involved. She sends and receives countless cards and letters, does word puzzles, and reads. She loves the Packers and the Brewers and the Badgers. She closely follows college basketball. Grace is always kind and gracious, she keeps treats on hand for staff members and goes out of her way to help other residents. Grace is meticulous about her appearance and has jewelry to match each of her outfits.

The staff, administration, and other residents of Nu-Roc are all very fond of Grace and congratulate her on this honor.

Judy Benzinger

Judy Benzinger

Spring 2017

The Bay at Nu-Roc is happy to announce that Judy Benzinger has been chosen as the newest “Resident of the Season.”

Judy is a long time Laona resident, although she was born in Hartford, in the southern part of the state. After graduating from Laona High School, Judy went to Springfield Illinois to receive her degree as an x-ray technician. She made a long time career of that, and expanded it to include many nursing duties. Judy is well known in the area for working closely with Dr. Castaldo at Ovitz Hospital, and later at the clinic in Laona.

Judy and her husband, Roy, had two children; Liz and Gus. In addition, they owned and operated the Laona Club House. Judy helped run the bar and liked to play Sheepshead with customers if she found any spare time.

Retirement didn’t slow Judy down at all. Together with Roy, she took many trips with Holiday Bus Tours, her favorite way to travel. She also belonged to a Bridge club, and enjoyed going to the casino and playing bingo. Judy loved to bake and is somewhat famous for her whooper cakes. Judy would cook or bake for nearly every funeral and event at the Catholic church in Laona, as well as for friends and family. She liked to sew and made countless Christmas tree skirts as gifts. Judy had many friends and didn’t like to miss the morning coffee clutch in Laona. She was very involved in the Church, helping to set up things for the Priest before Mass.

Judy still enjoys playing bingo and likes to visit with her friends. She is an avid Packer and Brewer fan. She likes to gamble and somehow manages to always come out way ahead in the various football pools she enters.

The staff and administration at Nu-Roc would like to offer congratulations to Judy on this honor.

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